The Team That Serves You

Richard Wilson,

Owner & Operator Rich has worked at Jim's for 20 years.  He purchased the business in 2000 with his loving ex-wife & sister-in-law.  He has been living in pure bliss ever since.

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Chef Ricky

Ricky has been a part of the Jim's Open Kitchen team for 3 years.  He has become an excellent grill cook.  Just sit back and watch him do his magic. 

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Chris Picture

Christine Wilson,

Owner & Operator, Chris started working for "Jim" aka DAD at the young age of 12.  She is our Head Chef and makes all her desserts homemade.  Her Banana Cake is the BEST EVER!!!!

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Kathleen Lawson, aka Squid

Squid has no money, so don't ask her for any.  Squid enjoys long walks on the beach, easy-listening music, and romantic weekends getaways.

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Chef Carrie

What can we say about Carrie?  We all love Carrie and she always does her best to keep our customers entertained.  She's been lost a couple of times, but always comes back were she belongs.

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Waitress Heather

The amazing Heather performs nightly at Jim's Monday through Friday.  Dinner shows start every 15 minutes.  Watch her sing her "favorite" songs.


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