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  my visit  
  Submitted By: 07/29/2009  
  Question: Had a great time at Jim's--well worth the 800 mile trip from South Carolina. Nobody sings in the restaurants down here! Hope to see y'all soon!!  
  Submitted By: 02/02/2009  
  Question: Thanks for remembering my Birthday!! I feel famous!!  
  That's life  
  Submitted By: 01/21/2009  
  Question: I watched the Jim's Open Kitchen segment on That's life....Rich and Kathy did a great job!! Great show!!  
  Answer: We're glad you got to see it. Thanks Aunt Judy!! We hope to get the segment on the internet and will put a link on the site so everyone who missed the show can check it out.  
  Submitted By:  01/12/2009  
  Question: Your dinners specials are so good you may have to when are you taking over Rockney's space. No way did they have a fire.  
  Answer: Hey Torchy, I heard you enjoyed your beef tips. LOL We're having stuffed peppers tomorrow!!!  
  jim's is great  
  Submitted By: 10/18/2008  
  Question: I can honestly say.. the herb nelson is better than a Chipotle Burrito and that says a lot!  
  Submitted By: 09/04/2008  
  Question: Our family loves jims!  
  Answer: Thanks for your feedback!!  
  Jim's Open Kitchen  
  Submitted By: 08/04/2008  
  Question: I LOVE THIS PLACE!!  
  Answer: WE LOVE YOU TOO!!!  
  There's no place like Jim's  
  Submitted By: 08/01/2008  
  Question: Do you want it cheap, fast or good? Before you could only pick one, at Jim's you get all three!  
  Answer: "Every Place Else is just a Restaurant"  
  Submitted By: 07/30/2008  
  Question: Maybe I missed it, but you might want to put your address on your web site?  
  Answer: You can now click on the map to find us! Thank you.  
  Ricky's picture  
  Submitted By: 07/25/2008  
  Question: We need a new with his award- winning smile!! Great website!!!  
  Answer: New Pictures comming soon!!!  
  Submitted By: 07/21/2008  
  Question: Dear Mr.Rich i been coming to Jims for 33 yrs. my photo should also be there for publicity purposes ! I am over 21 and single.  
  Answer: Send me some pics and I'll decide after I see them!  
  Submitted By: 07/19/2008  
  Question: Great food, Great peopple and lots of good times! Keep up the good wokk and keep on breaking things. (that way i get good home cooking!)  
  Answer: Never fear, we will always be breaking things...oh yeah, and always making good food for all. Thanks  
  Nice website  
  Submitted By: 07/19/2008  
  Question: Congrats on starting such a nice website!  
  Jims dinner is great  
  Submitted By: 07/14/2008  
  Question: It is better than their breakfast!  
  Answer: What about Lunch???